An OpenTable Winner!

open table winner

We are thrilled!  Luce has been named a winner onto the 2014 OpenTable Diners’ Choice List. This means that after dining at Luce, OpenTable users rated us one of the best.

After your visit to Luce, we encourage you to share details about your experience on any platform you use whether it be OpenTable, Facebook, Yelp or simply telling a friend about your tasty meal and wonderful service.

We would love to see you here, make a reservation by clicking our badge above!

– Joe

Win Dinner for Two for Valentine’s Day!


Hey Luce fans.  We have a romantic contest for you!  Post your most favorite and memorable Valentine’s Day story right here, to our page. 

Keep it to just a few lines folks.  You don’t have forever though, we will close the contest after a few days so go for it before it is too late!
The writer of the story that Luce staff selects will receive a Valentine’s Dinner on us!  YES, that is our Valentine’s Menu for two, as our prize for the best story you can give us in just a few lines.  (gratuity and alcohol are not included).

So share with your friends, make it a “likeable” story too!

Ready, set, GO!