Recipes from Joe’s Great Day SA Appearance!


{Pictured:  Braciola}

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Braciola Recipe

Ingredients needed:

1-9 oz. New York Strip Steak

1 clove chopped Garlic

2 pinch of salt

2 Pinch of Black pepper

1 ½ tsp chopped parley

15 Toasted Pine Nuts

15 Raisins

1 tsp seasoned Italian bread crumbs

1 ½ cups grated Grana Padana cheese


Pound Beef to ¼ inch thickness

Sprinkle Ingredients over beef

Roll Beef with hands

Fry in Oil 3min each side

Finish cooking 45 min in Marinara Sauce

Meat Balls

Ingredients needed:

1lb Ground beef

.5lb Ground Pork

.5lb Ground Veal

2 tsp  chopped Garlic

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

½  Cup chopped parley

2 eggs

3/4 cup seasoned Italian bread crumbs

3/4 cups grated pecorino cheese

1  cup room temp water


Fry in Oil 3min each side

Finish cooking 30 min in Marinara Sauce